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Eco-friendly Coffins

If looking after the planet was important to your loved one, and they wished to have an eco-friendly funeral, then Chelsea Funeral Directors can provide a selection of natural alternatives to traditional coffins. We give everyone that comes to us personal attention, which means that if you have specific requests for your loved one’s service – such as choosing an eco coffin – then we can sensitively discuss them.

Traditional, solid wood coffins can take decades to biodegrade, and their production uses large amounts of natural resources. Our eco-friendly coffins are made from sustainable materials, and they will efficiently break down and become part of the earth without impacting the environment.  

Environmental Conscious Coffins in Chelsea, Westminster & Fulham

Eco-friendly options we provide:

  • Wicker coffins
  • Cardboard coffins
  • Willow coffins
  • Pandanus coffins
  • Bamboo coffins
  • Reconstituted wood coffins
  • Green burial coffins
  • Eco-friendly caskets

Our natural coffins are suitable for both burials and cremations, and you can also have them decorated with flower garlands or painted to add some colour and personalisation. If your loved one requested a woodland burial, a biodegradable coffin is the best choice and will add to the natural, peaceful ceremony.

We are available 24 hours a day, every day, and offer our understanding and professional advice to those in Chelsea, Westminster, and Fulham. Contact our team in your time of need and we will be there to help you.