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We strive to deliver a professional, respectful and personal service


At Chelsea Funeral Directors, we are proud to be the longest established family owned and run Funeral Directors in the Chelsea, Westminster and Fulham areas. We are able to serve families on a much wider scale, we have, on occasions, directed funerals in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and even overseas.

We strive to deliver a professional, respectful and personal service and we pride ourselves in offering traditional and modern funeral options with unparalleled levels of customer service.

Why you should choose Chelsea Funeral Directors

SINGLE MINDED DEVOTION. All our attention is concentrated on satisfying the needs of our friends and neighbours. We are flexible and responsive to your needs.

PERSONAL PRIDE. This is our business. Our neighbourhood is your neighbourhood. We take pride in our premises, vehicles and, and above all, our staff of whom we ask a lot because we know you expect a lot.

LONG-TERM COMMITMENT. More than meeting your present needs, we want to build a relationship of trust. Trust that means you’ll come back to us in the future, family to family, because just as you’ll still be here, so will we.

DEVOTED TO FAMILIES NOT JUST PROFITS. Large concerns answer to shareholders; we have no head office pressure to make profit other than is necessary to ensure our health, stability and long-term commitment. We answer to you and remain content that we will do best by serving you well.

KNOWLEDGE OF LOCAL TRADITIONS. Funeral traditions vary, even around our small island. We know and appreciate local customs and expectations because we have served the local community for many years. Ignorance of such traditions can cause disappointment.

ALLIED TO HELP. We are proud to be members of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, the only professional organisation in the UK exclusively dedicated to serving the local Independent family-owned funeral director and their community. We actively promote and uphold their Code of Conduct.
Rest assured that 60% of funerals throughout the country are arranged by independents.

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Our Team

alex n. jones - proprietor at Chelsea Funeral Directors

Alex N. Jones - Proprietor

Losing someone you care about is one of life’s most difficult experiences. There are no easy answers when trying to help a bereaved family come to terms with their loss. Every situation is unique and people react in very different ways.

At Chelsea Funeral Directors, we believe we have an important responsibility to care for our families, not just by offering support during the funeral, but especially through the difficult days that may follow.

“I wanted to maintain a dignified personal Funeral Directors at a time when many small companies had been taken over by huge multi national groups.

We have an abundance of local knowledge and have served many families at their worst possible time with pride and care for many years. It is so important to allow families to have a funeral they feel best reflects the persons wishes, be it simple or something unusual, we will always endeavour to help you arrange a personal farewell.

For me excellence is the accumulation of seemingly inconsequential, minor and weightless details, yet if you gather them together lovingly and particularly alongside your teams intelligence, you can achieve excellence even in the saddest circumstances”.

alun stowell - funeral director

Alun Stowell - Funeral Director

Alun began working in the funeral business in his late teens at a business located in the leafy Surrey countryside and by his early twenties was conducting funerals on a regular basis. After a seven year break during which Alun moved down to Devon and back again he now joins us at Chelsea Funeral Directors and is enjoying the contrast between working in London and a small village environment. Despite still getting to grips with the ways of city life Alun has many years of experience which he is able to utilise on a daily basis and ensure that families receive only the finest service and guidance through both the arrangement process and on the day of the funeral itself.

When not working Alun enjoys music (including playing the guitar), reading, watching Formula One motor racing and socialising with friends.

jason maiden - funeral directors

Jason Maiden - Funeral Director

Jason, originally from Shropshire, started his career as a Funeral Director in 2007 in rural Kent. Previously Jason worked for HM The Queen at The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace looking after the Queen’s carriage horses. His desire to transfer his skills achieving the highest of turnout standards was fulfilled by the opportunity of being a Funeral Director guiding families through the worst times of their lives.

Jason has an interest in supporting families who have experienced death before birth, infant and children’s funerals. In recent years, Jason has worked to identify best practice between hospital, funeral director and local crematoria.

Jason is passionate about arranging funeral ceremonies where music is at the heart of the celebration. Jason is keen to foster links with the local LGBT community where funeral services are arranged with LGBT officiants.

Away from work, Jason’s hobbies include carriage driving, horse riding, cycling, swimming, the theatre and sharing good wine with friends. Jason enjoys weekend escapes to his home in sunny Somerset.

Eloise Tunnicliffe - Funeral Arranger (Fulham)

Cornish by birth, Eloise grew up in Australia, eventually moving to London in 2010 to pursue a career in makeup artistry. Eloise worked for many high profile brands and was an artist on shows at London Fashion Week for various designers. After going freelance, Eloise decided to change direction and pursue a position in customer care. Eloise’s desire to work in a role where she could support people during distressing times drew her to Chelsea Funeral Directors. Eloise’s spare time is spent baking and enjoying cinema. She also attends drawing classes and is a keen amateur painter.

Sital Pattni - Funeral Arranger

Sital was born in Redbridge and brought up in Milton Keynes. She moved to London in 1990.
She has worked in private healthcare admin for almost 10 years in various areas such as radiology, paediatrics, cardiology and gastroenterology. Having worked with patients on a daily basis, Sital understands the need for compassion when people are dealing with stressful health issues. She has always enjoyed helping people in their time of need and finds this very rewarding. This led to her decision to change her career and has now come to work with Chelsea Funeral Directors.
Sital enjoys spending time with family and friends, whether it be dining out, movies or picnics in the park.

Jonathan P. Eyre - Funeral Arranger (Chelsea)

Jonathan P. Eyre is a native of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. An experienced funeral professional, Jonathan joined the staff at Chelsea Funerals in August 2018.  For the past 10 years, he has worked for the Church of England as an organist and administrator.  Jonathan has a caring approach to families, and is able to offer advice on a wide range of funeral traditions. Jonathan studied music at the University of Sheffield and is able to offer first-class care in the selection of music for religious and non-religious ceremonies.

Outside of work, Jonathan plays the organ and conducts choirs in the London area, and performs live organ soundtracks to silent films.

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