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Flowers by Mary Jane Vaughan

Mary Jane Vaughan writes

Whenever we are doing the flowers for a funeral, I always think they should be gentle and fresh, to give a lift to such a sad day. We love it most when the family choose flowers that are both seasonal and simple. We are a small company – 10 in all – and we each have our favourites – roses, that come in such a wonderful array of colours, white tulips in all their simplicity, or the elegance of fragrant Oriental lilies.

We started off in Fulham Broadway (25 years ago!), but now operate from a workshop in Battersea. We are a few minutes away from the flower market so we go there often to check on what is new and interesting. We love not having a traditional shop, thereby giving us the time to take care of each order and concentrate on bespoke arrangements.

You can follow us on twitter (@maryjanevaughan) blog (www.maryjanevaughan.co.uk/mjv-blog.html,) pinterest (pinterest.com/maryjanevaughan)
and we have a list of the most popular items for funerals on our online shop www.fastflowers.co.uk under sympathy flowers.

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Article posted on Tuesday, April, 9th, 2013 at 10:20 am